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How The Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint scanner will work

insiders have explained to Samsung related news website SamMobile how the fingerprint scanner in the upcoming Galaxy S5 which is expected to be revealed at UNPACKED 2014 taking place in Barcelona (check out the list of specs of the device here)

Many rumors regarding the implementation of a fingerprint scanner have been leaked but as of now it was yet unclear how it will be implemented. It looks like rumors regarding the fingerprint being integrated into the display of the device are false as SamMobile confirms that the fingerprint scanner will indeed be on the home button (similar to how it works on the iPhone 5S). As far as how it will work:

The sensor itself works in a swipe manner, which means that you would need to swipe the entire pad of your finger, from base to tip, across the home key to register your fingerprint properly.

You will have to keep your finger flat against the home button in order for it to recognize your finger, the button is also very sensitive to moisture, so don’t even bother with wet fingers.

There are several things you will be able to use the fingerprint scanner for, not just unlocking your device. You can register a total of 8 fingerprints and you can assign different fingers for different tasks, as of now we know you will be able to do the following:

  1. Unlock the device
  2. Open personal folder
  3. Use a finger as an app shortcut
  4. Verify samsung account
  5. Sign into different website