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Top 5 Samsung Galaxy Gear apps

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy gear doesn’t only mean the introduction of a new product genre (personal technology), but also means many new and innovative Apps. With the small 1.6 Inch screen size and 320×320 resolution, developers will have to specially develop new Apps for the Galaxy gear. Here is our Top 5 Samsung Galaxy gear apps that you should download at launch:

1. RunKeeper, a personal trainer on your wrist

Specially if you love working out, RunKeeper is a must have for the Galaxy gear and is available at Launch. The app will displays your time, pace, and distance continuously on your wrist, it will also sync with your other devices on which you got RunKeeper installed. The App has Audio cues which will keep you up-to-date with your stats while you are on the move. Check out RunKeeper

2. Zite. The latest news right on your wrist

In today’s modern world there is nothing more important then keeping up to date with the latest news and trends, Zite provides just this, working together with the App on your Galaxy device, it will scan the latest 10 headlines and show them right on your wrist. Because Zite is personalized to your tastes and interests, no two sets of top 10 stories will be the same. Check out Zite

3. TripIt

If you fly a lot, and are not always on time,then you might have missed a flight or two. TripIt will keep you up to date of your flight schedule, notify you if there is any delay or simply know the time your flight is leaving.

4. Path, The Social network for your wrist

If you have a Galaxy gear, you of course want to share your latest updates and interesting pictures with your friends, Path allows you to do just this, being the first real social network that will be available on the Galaxy Gear. As they describe it them selfs ” Path is for private messaging and sharing photos, videos, music, and more with the people in your life who matter most.”

5. Pocket

The Galaxy gear isn’t only very handy for sports, what if you just want to put your phone away and keep reading a article you had on your phone? Thats where Pocket comes in, it will Sync your mobile browser with you galaxy gear, allowing you to start reading right where you left off.

Check out the full list of specs and images of the Samsung Galaxy gear which will be available for $299. We will update this post after the launch of the Galaxy gear when more apps are available for the device. What is your favourite App? Let us know!