Top 3 secure VOIP apps for Android

Everyone likes catching up and just talking with friends and family, whether it be in person or if you live far away, most of the time its over Skype. But nearly everyday on the news there’s always a story about how some government agency has been collecting masses of data or spying on people. Because of this people want to know that their private lives are actually private and that their conversations with loved ones aren’t going to be kept as a record which anyone can view. So if you have an Android phone and you want to make sure your calls are secure then check out our list:


HushCrypt is a one of the most mobile applications which allows registered users to send and receive encrypted phone calls using internet connection through either WiFi or 3G. Both persons involved in a call must have the HushCrypt application installed and active on their phones in order to talk securely, this is one of the downfalls because if you just want to phone your mum, then she’s most likely not going to have the app, or most likely not even have a smartphone, so you’re left without a secure call. Signing up for an is very easy and its also free of charge, so once all that’s complete you can start phoning anyone you want securely. The data stream between two users is encrypted using the AES algorithm (using a 256 bit key length), and a new key is generated for each session. The exchange of the keys is made between users mobile terminals, without involving any 3rd party.


Cryptify Call

For a company which deals with highly sensitive information always needs to best ways to protect their work, so to lose some vital information to a hacker which was heard over a phone call could be devastating for that company. With Cryptify Call installed on your Android you can have sensitive conversations without having anyone intercepting your calls. The technology used in Cryptify Call combines state-of-the art mobile communication technology with military grade cryptography. Cryptify Call works home and abroad using either 3G or WiFi, Cryptify gives you exclusive control over everything. Highly sophisticated encryption algorithms are used for creation and distribution of encryption keys. Using Cryptify Call is as easy as making an ordinary call, yet it provides you with the confidence that the call is both encrypted and authenticated peer to peer, while at the same time experiencing high quality sound with low latency during your secure calls.


Silent Phone

Silent Phone is one of the most secure globally encrypted video and voice calling apps you can download right now for Android. Before you can start using the app though you must be a paid Silent Circle subscriber to call people securely. When a Silent Circle subscriber makes a phone call, sends a text or video chats with another Silent Circle member, that transmission is secured and encrypted end to end from their iPhone, Android device, iPad or PC on Silent Circles crystal clear secure network. Silent Phone utilises the open sourced ZRTP encryption protocol which was invented by Phil Zimmermann and Jon Callas and is currently being used worldwide for the best security when keeping voice and video calls secure.