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You can now make VOIP calls using IM app Line

Popular Instant Messaging (IM) app Line has just released a new update that enables VOIP calls in over 8 different countries among them are Columbia, Japan, Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, Spain, Thailand, and the US. Currently this is only available on Android devices put the update is expected to become available for iOS at the end of this month.

Line call’s won’t be free as you will be charged for the minutes you talk make a call a 30-day plan will cost users around US $0.06 for making calls to mobile phones, while calls to landlines will set users back by US $0.03. This is still way cheaper then most telecom companies charge, also any call made between Line users will be free.


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The Japanese company announced back in February that they were going to include voice calls to compete agains Skype, Google and now WhatsApp which recently got acquired by Facebook. Last week the first images of how WhatsApp VOIP Calls will look like were leaked, also confirming that the service would allow you to make calls for free as it uses Wifi or 3G to make them, it is yet unknown if you will be able to make calls to landlines or phone numbers.