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Top 3 free alternatives to Microsoft Office

Several years back there was no doubt about the fact that Microsoft Office dominated the business market with their suit of desktop software, but times have changed and Microsoft Office might still be the most used, but will Microsoft be able to keep this up for long? 2 of the biggest tech companies in world Apple and Google both have their own alternative to Microsoft Office and they are both free, so what are the Top 3 alternatives to Microsoft office?

1. Google Docs

Google docs is an app within Google Drive and its free to use. Google Docs is cloud based software and doesn’t require an installation. It has a presentation app, document app and spreadsheet app, all 3 of these Apps are incredibly powerful and are compatible with every type of desktop and mobile platform. But what makes Google Docs really strong is how easy it is to share documents with fellow workers, the fact that the documents are 100% compatible with Microsoft office, Openoffice and iWork and how easy it is to upload your files to the cloud. The seamless integration with Gmail and the fact that its Free makes Google docs a winner!

2. Apple iWork

Apple has recently made its own office suit which launched back in 2005 called iWork free. iWork is one of the best alternatives to Microsoft office and works seamlessly with Apple’s cloud service iCloud which then allows you to edit documents and create new ones on your iPad or iPhone through the iOS apps. The only downside though is that the software is only compatible with Apple products, however the documents and file extensions are compatible with Microsoft Office. iWork has 3 main apps called Keynote (for presentations), Pages (alternative to Microsoft Word) and Numbers (spreadsheet).

3. Libreoffice


LibreOffice is the only open-source alternative from the Top 3 list. LibreOffice provides the same apps as Microsoft Office and essentially looks and feels very similar to Microsoft Office. Another awesome thing from LibreOffice is that it is compatible on Mac, PC and even Linux. If you are not a really big fan of the Cloud and just want to get a basic alternative to Microsoft Office, Libreoffice is the way to go.