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The Top 10 Things to Consider when Starting up a Company

When starting up a company often there can be so many things to think about that it’s difficult to remember all the essentials. Here’s the top ten things to remember before setting up your so you have everything ready for the big day you move in:

1)Name and Branding

Make sure that your company has a strong name and branding in order to make sure it’s memorable and something which gets customers interested by being informative about the product.

2) The Internet

Making sure you have a working Wi-Fi connection is an essential for any business and appeals to customers if they come in to

3) Payment Methods


Considering how people are going to pay for your goods is essential. Set up an online payment system as part of your website and get a till and card machine, like the ones from Card Cutters in store for offline payments.

4) Target Audience

Think about how the layout of your windows and inside of your store appeals to your target audience. Try and use relevant interiors to appeal directly to your target audience.

5)Product Pricing

Think about your product pricing and where it positions you against the competition. You’ll probably not make a profit initially but this all comes down to getting the perfect pricing so working this out in the beginning can be really beneficial.

6) Staffing Requirements

Think about staffing requirements, what’s going to happen if you need cover in the holidays and what types of shifts members of staff will be required to work.

7)Delivery Options

Thinking about the type of delivery options you’re going to offer is vital before opening up. Asses what you can afford and whether or not you


creative-apple-desk-office (3)

Making sure your website is all up and running is ideal before you open up. Double check to see that all your pages are working and it has all the relevant information on so customers can easily find you and make orders online.

9) Location

Thinking about the location of your business premises and how yourself and members of staff are going to get there is vital. Make sure you’re aware of public transport and

10) Social Media

Using social media to countdown to the opening of your store is vital. Use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to create a buzz about your business so you have eager customers before you even open.

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