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TigerDirect could soon start accepting Alt coins as payment method

TigerDirect announced earlier this week that it from now on accepts Bitcoins as the official payment method. After seeing Graphic Card sales go up by 50% and a huge increase in overall revenue it is safe to say that accepting Bitcoins as a payment method has been a success so far, but there is more

TigerDirect now is looking into expanding into other cryptocurrencies like Litecoins. Coindesk asked brand manager Steven Leeds if it will start accepting more alternative currencies in the future to which the answered: “[TigerDirect] wants to make it as easy as possible to shop at its store” and that bitcoin and litecoin fans are the kind of passionate customers it goes after.

Currently, the only issue is that the service used to make Bitcoin transactions (Bitpay) doesn’t support Litecoins or other Altcoins, it isn’t until they do that we could see TigerDirect accepting altcoins.