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This lithium ion battery can charge your car for 27 years

For any of our advanced gadgets to work we need a battery to provide energy, while technology keeps getting faster and better, batteries have always been a problem as they (most of the time) just don’t seem to be able to last the time we need them to, but the Baden-Wurttemburg Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research is going to change that.

Image taken inside the Baden-Wurttemburg Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research
This lithium ion battery can charge your car for 27 years 1

They have developed a battery for electric cars that could charge your car for over 27 years as it doesn’t lost any charging capacity over time while normally every so many years a Lithium-ion battery has to be swapped for a new one because the capacity runs out.

“After 10,000 complete charging and discharging cycles, with a complete charge and discharge cycle per hour, these lithium-ion batteries still retain more than 85% of the initial capacity. This means that an electric car with those batteries could be fully charged every day for about 27.4 years and still be going strong.

All though it might not keep your electric car on the road for 27 years, you won’t have to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a new battery every few years. This battery also has several other benefits like faster charging time and superior acceleration capabilities

The power density of these batteries, which measures the available power per unit of weight, is also very high at 1,100 watts per kilogram. For an electric vehicle, this means short charging times and a superior acceleration capability.”