The origin of the most famous User Interface icons

Play, Pause, Bluetooth and many of these buttons we use every day on our Pc, laptop and smartphone, but where do these come from? Many times people talk about the original of a logo from a company and how important it is but you don’t hear much about the origin of the icon that is featured on billions of devices and is the same all over the world.

Inspired by the link shared by redditor BuzzedLittleBear lets take a look at the origin and the story behind the most famous internet symbols.

On/Off icon

The origin of the Ethernet icon

Ethernet Port icon origin

Origins of the Bluetooth symbol

Origin of Bluetooth icon

The Pause button

origin of the Pause icon

The origin of the Play icon

The origin of the famous Play button

The origin of the USB tree icon

Origin of the USB icon

The “Stand by” state icon

Origin of the sleep icon

Apple’s Firewire icon origin

The origin of the firewire icon

The Origin of the @

Apple Command icon


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