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The next Apple TV could also be your wireless router

Recent changes done to the Apple TV make it seem very likely that we will soon see a new Apple TV being announced. Apple first changed the digital media player on its website promoting the product as a full product line while it previously was located under accessories and recent discount on the already low priced $99 device show that Apple might be clearing out inventory ahead of the announcement of the next generation Apple TV.

Now new information confirmed by sources to 9to5mac claim that the upcoming Apple TV will not only include its own app and game store but will also be an Airport Express as it integrates a 802.11ac wireless router.

This could be a great thing for the new Apple TV as the device it self can de-prioritizing other wireless traffic as necessary and can make the process of connection our devices a more pleasant one. The only main concern is how this will affect the product’s price. Currently competitors like Roku offer a product around the $99 price range something that will be hard to reach if Apple also decides to integrate a router into it. However, this problem shouldn’t be an issue if Apple integrated an App store into its entertainment devices as revenue from App purchases could compensate for the lost of revenue. What are you hoping Apple will include in its new Apple TV? Let us know!