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The Best in Desk Exercise Equipment

It’s all-too-easy to think of the office as a place to work, and the gym as a place to work out. But it doesn’t necessarily need to be this way – it’s possible to bring your workout to work, which can even be a healthier way to integrate exercise into your daily routine. With only one in three adults getting the right amount of physical exercise every week, most of us would certainly benefit from some additional daily practices. And for those without the time to visit a gym or health club, it is possible to bring the mountain to Mohammed. 

One requirement for most businesses is comprehensive IT support that can help with everything from cloud computing to network infrastructure. Fear not, help is always at hand. 

Hand exercise balls

Easy to store in your desk without taking up too much space, hand exercise balls are great for improving strength in the hands, wrists and arms, they can help to build muscles following injury, and they are recommended for keeping arthritis at bay. They can also alleviate pain in the joints and lower anxiety. There are different colours, sizes and levels of firmness, so be sure to pick out the right ones for you. 

Hand Grip Strengthener

Another small and portable tool, grip training tools can provide effective forearm workouts without needing to visit a gym. Hand grip strengtheners come in different grades of intensity so a set can be used to follow your progression. In addition to training your arm muscles, they can also help to release stress and improve your long-term physical strength. 

Exercise bands

For resistance training, stretch bands can be used in various ways. These include bicep curls, leg curls, kneeling crunches and resistance push ups, among other practices. They can be used for injury recovery or muscle training, and they come at affordable prices. They are light and easy to store or travel with for a convenient workout.

Mini free weights

Weights that are small in size can be kept out of the way in a drawer and used for light muscle training at your convenience. Wellness Weights from Technogym are slim and well designed, with velcro straps and available in 500g or 1kg sets to follow your progression. They are metal, which means they cannot be damaged or pick up odours, as rubber or plastic weights can.  

Ankle weights

Ankle weights are usually designed for women so are not always the best choice for men. They can have a range of benefits, such as helping tone the legs, strengthen leg muscles, burn calories and increase endurance. They offer resistance during different exercises, which gives them versatility, and they can also be worn on the wrists for an upper body workout.  

Stability cushion

Stability cushions work by activating core, flexor and extensor muscles in order to maintain balance throughout the day. This is a passive workout that is continually in process by stimulating and enhancing muscles, and also helps with neck and back pain. Similar options are with posture-improvement stools or balance ball chairs, which help to activate muscles and provide healthy tension.  

Treadmill desk

As a development to the standing desk, which gives office workers a healthy alternative to being trapped in the same seated position all day, the treadmill desk provides some exercise while working on various tasks. This can reduce weight gain, improve lung capacity, reduce the chances of heart disease and improve focus, memory and motivation.  

Under-desk elliptical

While a treadmill desk requires you to relocate for a part of the day, under-desk machines can be conveniently used at the best times. They allow for a correct posture and have different levels of resistance to take you to the required level of fitness. Progress can also be tracked by connecting via bluetooth, and machines are quiet so they do not disturb those around you.  

Under desk pedal exerciser

For those that prefer a pedal motion, the under-desk pedal machine can bring some cardio exercise while working. These provide an excellent workout that helps to build muscle endurance and also to lose weight. The machines are easy to assemble, they are relatively quiet, though can sometimes make a metallic sound when not correctly maintained.

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Yoga mat

Yoga mats are extremely useful as all-round exercise equipment that can be used for yoga sequences or other fitness routines that may help improve health and fitness. The many benefits of yoga include increasing flexibility, building muscle strength, protecting the spine, increasing the blood flow, and improving balance, focus and happiness. Provided you have the floor space for a workout, yoga mats are very handy to store and carry around. 


The office may not be the obvious place to exercise, but with an increasing number of fitness tools and devices more office workers are able to stay fit and healthy as they work. This healthier lifestyle has a positive impact on productivity, as members of staff are more focussed and motivated. Office workouts can be managed and gradually increased, so workers do not need to be put off by their intensity. There’s nothing to be afraid of, so why not give it a try?