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Technology is Changing The Future of Home Security

As technology in general and especially the evolution of Artificial Intelligence progresses unabated, the future holds unprecedented potential for innovation in the home security sector. We already currently have the capability to monitor and control everything in our homes; from lighting, heating, window coverings and motion-sensors to alarm systems, doorbells and door locks that can all be automatically checked and controlled from your smartphone. It’s enough to connect all your devices to local area network to transform your house into a fully automatic ‘smart-home’, and take advantage of automated online assistance that can warn you in real-time and in advance of any potential danger inside or outside your home when you are away. For anyone interested in securing their home with the latest technological advancements, there are already several major home security system providers, like, which offer services covering most of the home automation and security products that are currently available on the market. So let’s take a look what are the latest trends when it comes to the home security.

Robotic restaurant servers, maids and travel agents already exist, so the future development of intelligent ‘robotic guard dogs’ is only one of the many natural and innovative advances that will at a certain point be applied to home security.

Many lighting sensors already have additional function to fool and scare away potential burglars, such as flashing lights that simultaneously switch on all over the house, or which can be timed to turn on and off randomly if you are away on a trip in order to fool burglars into thinking that somebody is home. They can also track and monitor your movements around the house and set lighting levels to your preference depending on your location, with advanced features that will trigger the alarm if the person happens to be an intruder.

Nowadays, you can also see inside the house remotely via cameras through your smartphone no matter where you are, as long as you are connected to the Internet, so that you can monitor every section of the house and also the exterior any time you want. Video monitoring is clearly a central element in home security, and as newer applications of voice and video recognition technology are introduced, high definition net-cams and Wi-Fi cameras will be on the forefront of this innovation.

Intelligent doorbells are another current invention that notifies the homeowner if someone is at the door, and enables you to connect via video on your smartphone so you can see who is standing on your doorstep and also talk to them if you wish. Integrated with motion sensors, the system will take pictures of anyone who knocks on the door so you can keep track of any activity while you are out of the house.

These connected security sensors can also protect you against the threat of gas leaks or fire, as in the case of emergency smoke and water leak detectors will notify you immediately of any out of order activity. In fact, sensors will continue to play an ever-more significant role in every aspect of home security ensuring a full protection in any unexpected emergency situation.

The Fingerprint and optical scanners will ensure added security through the appropriate keypads and face recognition systems, while ‘drones’ connected to motion sensors are already being used to automatically perform ‘reconnaissance’ missions around the house perimeters and scare off intruders.

In short, the possibilities for innovation are endless and these examples present only a small fraction of what the future will bring us as the technology continues to develop and new devices and innovative ways are introduced to increase our home security and automation.