Samsung working on new Chromebook with 12″ display

Business Korea  claims that Samsung is working on a new Chromebook which is expected to launch in 2014. The new Chromebook will feature the improved Exynos 5 Octa 5420 an Eight core processor with 3GB of RAM and a screen resolution of 2560×1600 on a 12inch display.

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The new Chromebook from Samsung will feature a 32GB or 64GB of SSD storage for the OS and will have a slightly better battery with over 7 hours of battery life (1 hour longer then the previous Samsung Chromebook). The price is expected to be between $250 and $300. I don’t think we should get our hopes up for an announcement at CES 2014, since Samsung previously mentioned

“We are planning to unveil no laptops during the CES 2014 period”

Chromebooks have been a huge success this Christmas holidays beating Mac Book Pro’s, Mac Book Airs, Windows tablet and Android tablets, chromebooks accounted for 9.6% of the combined laptop and tablet markets from January-November 2013 data from NPD shows. The cheap laptops powered by Google’s Cloud based operation system are a success due to their low prices and increasing storage capabilities.

Chromebook sales

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      1. The figures are interesting. But I do not see that link.
        Also, your figures are slightly different from your sources when it comes to storage and battery life. Do you know more than they do or are you optimistic? :)

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