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Your Spring Home Security Guide

It’s fair to say that drawing out of the dark and dense nights into lighter spring evenings is extremely refreshing. That feeling of returning from work and still having a good hour or two of daylight really is good for the soul after the long months of winter. But what we sometimes forget is actually how home security is just as important in the spring as it is in the winter.

Granted winter months are prone to an increase in burglaries, but what we mustn’t do is take our foot off the pedal when it comes to remaining vigilant.

Here is a list of the top four areas in and around the home that we should take extra care with when keeping our home, contents and family safe.

1.       Windows


Along with the lighter nights, generally comes the increase in temperature, which is why it’s more than likely that your windows will be open for the first time in a while. Therefore it’s crucial that the novelty of letting the spring air flow in doesn’t distract you and you forget to lock them. If you don’t have a suitable lock then you should definitely consider purchasing a safer option because an open window is usually a burglar’s first port of call.

2.       Patio/French Doors 


Much like windows, your patio or French doors are bound to be open during the spring evenings or on sunny weekends away from work. So again, it’s really important you lock them back up as soon as they’re not in use or you’re out of sight. Another tip for maximising security would be to ensure no valuables are on show even when the doors are shut. The large panels are just an open goal to view the contents of your home. A curtain or blind should do the job.

 3.       The Garden Shed


From gardening tools to kids’ toys to exercise equipment, the garden shed is a vital storage space. Its contents will most probably begin to emerge as people get back into some fitness or general maintenance around the home. It’s advisable to keep any dangerous tools or expensive goods indoors and be sure to install a strong hasp and staple, secured with bolts and locked with a strong and good quality closed shackle padlock.

4.       Garages


Last but not least are garages. It doesn’t necessarily store just a car. In fact, people will often move their car onto the drive and use the garage for further storage space. This means two things, firstly the contents of your garage need to be kept safe, a high security padlock would suffice along with any locks on windows that open. Secondly it might be worth considering linking up your home security system with a sensor by and in the garage to notify you of any forced entries.

Each of these locations may seem like the obvious places you practice home security already, but just remember not to let that slide. Or maybe it’s the case that some of your security measures need updating, renewing or buying anew all together. Contact an expert if you feel you have any queries or need advice on spring cleaning your home security.

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