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Safe Battery life by enabling the Droid Turbo Moto Display feature

Motorola has a software feature on all of its smartphones called Moto Display (previously known as Active Display and on the Nexus 6 is called Ambient Mode) this is a very neat feature that we highly recommend new Droid Turbo users to enable as it will help you safe battery life and never miss a notification again.

What is Moto Display? Moto Display is a feature that allows you to see your three most recent notifications as well as the ability to unlock their Droid Turbo without ever touching the power button, pretty neat huh? The device will also light up when a new notification is received and by clicking on it you can view more information regarding it.

The feature can be enabled from the Settings app. Here is a GIF of a similar feature called Ambient Mode which is currently only available on the Nexus 6