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How can PS4 Pro attract PC gamers [PS4 Pro going after PC]

It’s safe to say that every member PC Master Race who once or never once owned a PS4 console has subconsciously thought about playing on it once or twice in their lives – or at least when their PC start lagging or acting up when playing modern and power-hungry games, prompting another costly upgrade.

Sometimes that’s enough to prompt a player to switch since not everyone will have the financial stability to continue upgrading their PC. Sony has boldly claimed that their upcoming PS4 Pro will stop gamers from switching to PC – and that also meant attracting PC gamers to PS4 Pro.

According to Andrew House, current president of Sony, their data showed that many gamers moved to PCs during mid console cycle expecting a better graphical experience, which is only possible if you push PC to its limit. This is the inspiration behind PS4 Neo – to deliver an enticing and visually enhanced gaming experience.

How PS4 is attracting PC gamers:

Exclusives. It’s a rare occurrence that a big-name PC game is released exclusively for PC. Most are released first to consoles. For example, Naughty Dog has released some of the best action and adventure games of the last 10 years, and yes – they’re exclusive to PlayStation.

You won’t be able to play The Last of Us, Mario Galaxy, Valkryria Chronicles, Trials HD, or Journey on a PC. Harvey Norman’s PS4 games feature these exclusives plus other great PS4 games, so check it out. And unless you’re a huge fan of strategy games, PC games don’t come close with these exclusives.


No Spec Requirements. Console gaming in general makes playing ANY modern game easy. Console owners chuckle at PC websites where experts attempt to explain to a poor sap that his months old (and instantly) obsolete rig won’t be able to play it at the highest possible setting.

No need for endless upgrades. While the PC is hugely upgradeable, it does a good job at being expensive as well. If you don’t upgrade, chances are you won’t be able to play all those games built with cutting edge technology. The PS4 pro is enhanced enough to deliver 4K gaming for graphic-savvy players. Consoles have constant game sales like PC as well, and it’s very easy to buy and get games, and there’s more than enough games to play, and you won’t ever fall prey to spending hundreds of dollars on games that you never even install – and worse, will run slowly on your rig.


VR technology. PlayStation VR is arriving later this year, and all you need is a PS4 to make full use of it! Sony promises that PSVR will come with up to 50 games at launch. There are already two VR games that you don’t want to miss: Eve: Valkyrie and Job Simulator.

It’s true: PC and console gaming are two different things with both having their strengths and weaknesses. Many people have both in truth. If you want a gaming machine that just work out of the box, every time – then you’re looking at PS4 gaming. And with the upcoming PS4 Pro backed up by Sony’s claims, you might want to consider changing sides too.

Got yourself a PS4 or convinced enough to buy one soon? Harvey Norman’s PS4 games offer great titles and free deliveries straight to your doorstep.

Whatever your choice, it’s a great time to be a gamer.

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