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Proper Décolleté Care

The term décolleté is the area on your upper chest including your cleavage and upper shoulders. It’s what others see when you’re wearing a lower-necked dress or shirt. The term décolleté is a French word and adds an air of sophistication to the body.

Proper care is vital to ensuring that you remain looking youthful. You’ll want to remember to care for this area of your body diligently as it can tell your age very quickly if you’re not properly caring for it.

Many women fail to use enough sunscreen here and the telltale age spots and wrinkles will tell their age to others. If you’re trying to hide your age, this is an area that requires some tender loving care and special treatment always.

Always wear good protective sunscreen here, even in the wintertime months. The UV rays can easily penetrate cloud cover and work against you in your youth.

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You should pay as much care to your décolleté as you do to your face and legs. Slather that sunscreen on daily and apply more when you’re out in the elements.

There are many great creams out there that will help you to remain to look youthful. Slather these on as directed and remember to include the upper shoulder area as well as underneath the neck, the cleavage (often called the décolletage), and any other area that is exposed to the elements.

When applying moisturizer, always ensure that you’re again reaching these areas. It’s easy to get busy and forget proper décolleté care but it’s vital to moisturize here as well as everywhere else on the body.

Using a good cream or lotion will help to plump up the skin and help it to remain youthful looking. Many products for this purpose contain collagen which is renowned for its ability to plump fine wrinkles and make the skin appear more toned and firm.

As we age our skin thins and the collagen creams will help to improve the appearance of the skin. It will also help to reverse the process of aging-preventing further damage from the sun and elements.

Proper skin care should begin in childhood and be maintained all of one’s life. It’s important to understand that the sun can be very damaging and it’s important to always protect the skin no matter where it’s at on the body.

Always cleanse the décolletage carefully and use a gentle face cleanser on the area. After cleansing, gently pat this area dry. You don’t want to pull or tug at any of it or you may cause a new wrinkle.

After cleansing and gently patting it dry, apply a good moisturizer that will gently nourish the skin in this area. Any good face cream will do but make sure that it’s for reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Learning to properly care for your décolletage is important if you want to remain to look youthful.