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Play Store Developers forced to use home or office address and not their PO box

Google recently implemented a new feature that would force Play Store developers to use a home address or office address which would be publicly listed on their app listing page, all developers will have to do this before the 30th of September or their app will be pulled from the Play Store.

The overall reaction to this was very negative with many developers sharing their creepy stories about people showing up at their home, this is also why many hoped they could get away by putting just their PO box numbers, but you can’t.

Play Store home address

Due to a new EU Consumer Protection Law business or users that sell items online are forced to provide details about their business like a contact number and other important information (like a home address or address of an office) irrespective of the location from where they are operating their own business. Both Apple and Microsoft haven’t made any changes yet  by using a workaround, they act themselves as the seller instead of the developer