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Nexus 6 rumored to have 5.5 inch QHD display

It seems like 5.5inch is really the size to go with this year, as not only Apple and LG will release or already have released 5.5inch (LG G3) devices but now also Google, according to sources from ausdroid familiar with the matter. “A Nexus device is definitely in the works”. The new Nexus 6 it will feature a 5.5inch display with a resolution similar to QHD which has a resolution of 2560×1440, the device is also rumored to be the first to feature a 64-bit processor and run Google’s new 64-bit version of Android.

Earlier this month a LG told AndroidPolice that they weren’t manufacturing the upcoming Nexus device

We’re not really sure what the status of the Nexus program is. We’ve been hearing a lot of speculation about its future but that’s a Google decision, not LG’s. As of today, there are no Nexus devices in our immediate pipeline.

and Ausdroid sources couldn’t confirm who is manufacturing the device, but did reveal that it is expected to become available in stores during October / November this year. What do you think about a 5.5 inch device? Let us know!