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New WhatsApp Number 6 emoji bug causes to display wrong emoji

Users that have recently upgraded Whatsapp to Version 2,11,44 might experience a little bug with emoji’s. The bug doesn’t affect the user experience in any way and is just a small inconvenience that we expect Whatsapp to fix in future beta’s.

Number 6 Emoji

The “Whatsapp Number 6” bug causes the Emoticon (or emoji’s) for number 6 to display the number 5 instead. You can try out the bug your self if you own an Android device as it isn’t currently affecting iOS users, here is how:

  • Open whatsapp on your Android Smartphone
  • Open an existing or a new chat window
  • Touch in the typing area
  • On your keyboard go to Emoji’s
  • Slide to the last section of numbers and symbols
  • Select number ‘6’ from the first row.

What? No number 6? No, that is exactly what the bug does, it prevents users from sending the Number 6 emoji. You can download WhatsApp 2.11.44 APK  for free, the update also adds the ability to disable the double blue ticks.

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