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The Importance Of Location For A Business

It goes without saying that whether you’re just starting a business, or you’ve been in the game for a while that choosing a good location is crucial to the successes that you have. Not only will it be vital for the customers you gain, but also the stance your competitors have on you. Below we’ve pulled together some advice for why a good location can have a positive impact on the progression of your business, and how quickly you can reach this.

One of the first things we think of when we talk location, is simple, where we position ourselves. We think that one location is all we need. Or, that, we only have the option of trying out particular locations when we come to expanding. But, in 2016, when advances in pretty much everything is constantly growing and adapting, we can have comfort in knowing that that’s not the only case and that we aren’t limited to only choosing a location when we’re ready to move forward. Pop up buildings don’t only have to be for large scale events and they don’t have to be limited to a particular niche. Take a look at the rise in pop up fashion stores if you want an example of how they could benefit your organisation.


Next we have to think about why we want a particular location. The first thing that probably (and definitely should!) spring to mind is your competition. Dependent on the industry that you work in depends on the type of competition you want near you. For example, if you’re a fashion store that specialises with a very niche product then situating yourself next to a store which is more generalised wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. However, if you’re looking at situating next to something that is in direct correlation to yourself isn’t probably one of the smartest moves to make.

Make sure that you think carefully about the reasoning’s of why you want to be located in a particular area. Deciding on something which is long term or short term can still have massive consequences on your business and isn’t something that you should just dive straight into. Speak to people, do a lot of research and work out why you want something before you go out and make the decision.

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