All new HTC One leaked benchmark results fake?

Last week images of what appeared to be the benchmark result of the new HTC One 2 or HTC One M8 appeared on Chinese social network Sina Weibo . The images showed a benchmark result from popular benchmark app AnTuTu, which confirmed that the upcoming device (of which many images have been leaked over the past couple of weeks, even a 10 minute long video showing of the device in detail) is better in performance then the Galaxy Note 3, Xperia Z Ultra, LG G2 and Galaxy S4. But is the image real or fake?

According to the benchmark is indeed fake. “We all know to take benchmarks with a pinch of salt, and that they can be faked” something that is very true, but most interesting is the what Lewis Curdie (Staff Writer at found when zooming in on the image, as it appears to be photo-shopped. The screen overlaps with the bezel at the top left.

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  1. Yes Dummy if you zoom in do you expect to have a perfect picture ..Well yea maybe!! but that depends on the camera that took the pic … So if you wanna write about something for people to read figure it out first … MUST BE A SAMWONG LOVER OR AN APPLE FAN BOY…JUST WASTED TWO MIN OF MY LIFETIME

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