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Microsoft to upgrade Windows in the Car adding Metro style interface

Just like Apple, Microsoft is also working on a Windows 8 in the Car like Operation System, the company lets know at its Build developer conference. Windows has already been in cars for years as customized versions and have been powering cars from multiple big brands among them are Kia, BMW, Nissan and Ford but Microsoft wants to take it much further then that bringing the Windows 8 “Metro” style interface to your car dashboard.

The system will have many of the things Apple’s CarPlay system has, not only adding new features but also extends the functionality of features currently available on Windows Phone 8.1. A demo given at Microsoft’s Build conference shows a familiar looking UI with at the top 5 mayor tabs: Home, Maps, Media, Phone and an icon of a fan (it is yet unknown what its function is).

On the home screen, you will be able to add shortcuts in the different metro tiles to different apps, radio channels, locations and also car functions like turning on the air conditioning etc.

Windows 8 in the Car will also have its very own App store where developers can create apps for, in the demo a window was briefly showed revealing several apps like Pandora, Spotify, MyFitness, Amazon Music, Audible and State Farm.

Microsoft has really gone “full Metro” with Windows 8 in the car, even your contacts will be displayed in a tile to be easily accessible and distract you as less as possible from driving

Microsoft hasn’t mentioned a specific release date about when we will start to see the first cars appear with Apple CarPlay and says the OS is still in beta, but they are already testing it on several vehicles. Here is a video from the Code conference showing off the new system: