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Microsoft to release Office for Android Tablets “in the future”

With Microsoft’s recent launch of Office for the iPad, it seems like the only mayor device the popular application suite isn’t available on yet are Android Tablets, but that will change “in the future”.

During an AMA on Reddit from the Office for iPad team, Sangeeta Mudnal, Group Program Manager confirmed that they are indeed working on a version of Office for Android tablets but can’t confirm an official release date yet.

We want to bring great Office experience to our customers who want to be productive on their tablets. In the future we will bring Office apps to the Windows Store and other popular platforms, including Android tablets

Office is currently available on Android but exclusively to smartphones, it isn’t the first time Microsoft mentions an Android version of Office is in the making as previously John Case, Microsoft Office corporate vice president for marketing told GeekWire

“Let me tell you conclusively: Yes, we are also building Android native applications for tablets for Word, Excel and PowerPoint”

Just a few weeks back we saw Microsoft remove the need of an Office 365 subscription to use Office for the iPhone and Android smartphone, but the recent release of Office for iPad did include a subscription for $99.99, all though not yet confirmed, i think it is safe to say that Office for tablets will also require an Office 365 subscription.