iPhone 3GCOB Conan O’brien special edition iPhone

Conan O’brien is one of America’s most famous TV hosts and comedians but also a big Apple fan. Something interesting happened this week where user 4893McLovin found a mistake on Conan O’briens show which they addressed in the “Fan Correction” show, where users get to correct mistakes made by Conan on previous episodes that week. In this video user 4893McLovin points out to Conan that it is impossible to upgrade a iPhone 3GS or 3G to iOS 7 (which is true, a iPhone 4 or later is required) but Conan still says he has iOS 7 and would even upgrade it “live on the show” seems a little odd doesn’t it? It turns out Conan’s iPhone 3G is a special one called the iPhone 3GCOB

“That’s the device custom-made in Cupertino for our favorite comedian and my personal god, Conan O’Brien”

Here is the video from the Conan O’Brien show where he reveals the fact that he has a special edition iPhone.

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