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Keeping track of employee expenses with a manage expenses app

Having a company whose employees need an expenses account, could end up being a nightmare for your accounts department to keep track of. Various methods of payments, receipts, invoices, slips and stubs, can become extremely messy, especially when you have many employees to keep track of.

Solutions can be found online, and should be taken full advantage of whenever possible, things that were once hard to maintain, costing time and effort, can now be organized with just a single manage expenses app for businesses.

Click here to learn more about downloading the manage expenses app – whichis simple and signing up your company is quick. Once you set up a profile, all you need to do is invite your employees to join and boom! They all have a profile linked to your company that they can submit their expenses to.

How to fully utilize the convenience of a manage expenses app


Running a good business means keeping things in correct order and utilizing the correct tools which will minimalize stress and time for your staff members. Below I will outline just a few things that a manage expenses app will do to help your team.

Keeping track of employee expenses with a manage expenses app - 1

  • Convenience is the name of the game: Keeping your employees expenses in order will not only relieve the pressure off of your accounts department, but will keep things flowing easily for the employees who submit their expenses, without having to worry that they forgot to hand over information in time.
  • Keep tabs in real time: Whenever you’re ready, you can review all expenses submitted by your employees, going through them and approving or denying an expense submitted. This really helps in organizing your accounts team, who will be able to view an exported, detailed report of each employee during that month.
  • Organize your companies outgoing costs: You can easily organize your outgoing costs by viewing statistics based on your employee’s expense accounts. You can easily access details in spending categories by viewing the spending summery which is produced each month.
  • Saving time and keeping organized: Keeping organized means better booking, and easily account filing. We all know that our accounts departments are one of the busiest in the company, meaning the time you save them will in turn save you a lot of money.
  • Happier employees: having access to an app means they don’t have to worry about forgetting to submit an expense, or losing track of what they have spent. Relieving stress from employees, keeps them happier and more confit end in their daily tasks.

There is so much that you can get out of a single app, making it top priority for any companies who offer their employees spending accounts. The digital age has never been more user friendly and more business friendly, offering a chance for teams of staff to truly work well together, without having to worry about the little things, and focusing their full attention on the task at hand.