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How User Targeting Can Increase Conversions

When it comes to measuring marketing success and the overall efficiency of a company’s outreach efforts, few metrics are more important than conversation rate. It all comes down to the bottom line of how many leads are performing desirable actions on your site or in your place of business. After all, that’s kind of the goal in every business endeavor, is it not? Logically the next step would be to figure out what you need to do to ensure that your conversion rate is increasing consistently. If you’re looking for the answer to that universal question, user targeting is the solution, and here’s why:

1. Everybody Doesn’t Like Everything

In other words, people have their interests and if someone is simply not interested in your product or service, you shouldn’t be wasting time trying to attract them to your web pages. You should only be focusing your efforts on appealing to the people who are likely to gravitate towards your advertisements. User targeting techniques used by major agencies like iFame Media aim to design and place promotional content in a way that has the highest chance of reaching the intended audience. Focus on delivering something specific that people are looking for, rather than just using any means necessary to attract anyone.

2. Targeted Leads Convert Better than Untargeted Leads

If you were to run 100 marketing campaigns, with 50 focusing on general leads and the other 50 focusing on targeted leads, any marketer would be willing to bet that the targeted group would enjoy a higher conversion rate. Now, depending on the level of commercial appeal your product carries (i.e. – if  it’s something everybody could use), you might just see a higher sales volume with mass marketing. If your business operates in a very specific niche on the other hand (as most business do), then you should only be pursuing targeted leads.


3. Keeping People on the Page Longer

If you’re working on an online campaign, user targeting gives you the added advantage of being able to keep visitors engaged longer, because they’ll be viewing content that is directly related to the keywords they were searching for. For this reason, organic search traffic and PPC advertising are two of the most reliable sources of targeted traffic. Here’s the kicker, even those people who don’t perform the desired action will be sticking around longer, and Google can tell how long each visitor is on a page. Thus, targeting in and of itself can reduce bounce rate and improve your search engine rankings, which results in a chain reaction that leads to more traffic and more leads.

How’s it Done?

Now that we’ve listed the top three reasons why user targeting will almost always increase your conversion rate, you’re probably a bit upset that you still don’t know how to do it. Professional marketers use a variety of tools, resources, and methodologies to publish advertisements and content that will catch the eye of someone who is likely to buy the product or service they’re promoting. With that summary you can start researching user targeting more for yourself now that you should be sufficiently convinced of its efficacy.

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