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How to unlock Nexus 9 Bootloader and root your device

If you own a new Nexus 9 and are interested to know How to unlock Nexus 9 bootloader you came to the right address. Since Google launched its new device various tools have been released (like SuperSU v2.18)  that allow you to root your Nexus 9 and unlock your Bootloader. Lets take a closer look at how to do these two things.

It is important to know that unlocking your Nexus 9 bootloader and rooting your device will void your warranty. Also keep in mind that by doing this, you will completely reset your device and wipe all current data from it.

How to unlock Nexus 9 Bootloader and root your Nexus 9

  1. First of all we are going to enable developer mode, this can be done from the Settings app, About Tablet, Build Number and tap it several times until it says you have enabled Developer Mode
  2. Once Developer mode has been enabled, go to the new developer options window and make sure it is “On”, make sure “Enable OEM unlock” is enabled and “USB debugging”
  3. Connect your device to your computer via USB
  4. Download
  5. Once downloaded, extract all the files in the .zip
  6. Copy the three folders inside
  7. Paste them into your Android device’s memory “Platform-Tools” folder
  8. Open up the command prompt and write “adb reboot bootloader”
  9. then run the following command: fastboot oem unlock
  10. Get your tablet and hit the Volume Up button to select you confirm the fact that you want to unlock your bootloader and possible voiding the warranty
  11. Your Nexus 9 will reboot, once it has booted up your device will have an unlocked bootloader.
  12. You now have your nexus 9 bootloader unlocked
  13. The following steps are optional and will root show you how to root your Nexus 9
  14. Run the following command: CD /users/[your profile]/[location of your folder]/android/platform-tools
  15. Run the following command: Fastboot boot inject.img
  16. Once your Nexus 9 has rebooted, proceed to execute the following command: fastboot flash boot patched.img
  17. Your device wil reboot and you should now have the SuperSU app on your Nexus
  18. You have now successfully rooted your device!

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