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How to speed up and improve Chrome for Android in 4 easy steps

We have ranked Chrome as one of the best mobile web browsers currently available among the competition is Firefox, Safari and Opera each with their own advantages and disadvantages but Chrome seems to always come out ahead.

But there are ways to get even more out of Chrome, lets take a look at several small tweaks and improvements you can make to increase the performance and improve the browser.

How to speed up and improve Chrome for Android

1. Giving Chrome Access to more memory: This one is crucial and easy to do. By typing in the following URL in your browser, Chrome will get access to more RAM, make sure to select 512MB. Here is the url: chrome://flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area

2. Enabling offline mode: This will force Chrome to store more information of a particular website in the Cache, allowing you to browse websites you visit frequently with more speed. This can be accomplished by typing the following URL: chrome://flags/#enable-offline-mode

3. Make new tabs load faster: By entering the following URL you can change the new tab window and improve its overall performance by enabling and disabling several features. Here is the URL: chrome://flags/#enable-new-ntp

4. Entering the Advanced Setting mode: Many small tweaks can be made from the advanced setting mode, we highly suggest you take a look around and disable anything that could be slowing your browser down. Here is the URL: chrome://flags

5. Using the Chrome Beta: Usually Chrome Beta’s come with huge performance issues and stability improvement, we highly recommend you download a new Chrome Beta whenever it is available. You can download the latest one here