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How to Root your Amazon Fire TV in 3 easy steps

Several months after Amazon launched its Fire TV, it is now finally possible to root it. We have put together a detailed guide on How to root your Amazon fire TV.

1. Downloading the APK’s and getting started

  1. First of all, head over to towelroot and click the huge A icon to download the APK download apk
  2. Now we have to download the SuperSU APK, which can be downloaded from here
  3. Once downloaded, we are going to sideload the APK’s onto the device, there are several ways this can be done, we are going to use the one that we think is easiest to use for this guide.
  4. We are going to use the FTV Side app, which can be downloaded onto your PC here sideload fire tv
  5. Once downloaded and installed, fill in the IP address of your Fire TV and the APK then proceed to do the same thing with the SuperSU apk too.

2. Installing the APK’s on your Fire TV

  1. Now that everything is on your Fire TV, you can leave your computer and launch towelroot on your FireTV (this can be done from the application menu)
  2. A window will pop up that will say “Make it Rain”, press the button make it rain
  3. Now that we have installed towelroot, we are going to proceed and install the SuperSU APK. Similar to how we launched the towerloot app, launch the SuperSU app (if it asks to update the SU binary, press “Normal”)supersu app

3. Once rooted your FireTV

  1. Once rooted, we are going to sideload BusyBox to ensure compatibility with future apps, follow the steps 1.4 and 1.5
  2. Launch BusyBox similar to how you launched the SuperSU APK and towelroot
  3. Grant the app root permission
  4. A pop-up will appear, use your remote’s back button to close it
  5. proceed to install BusyBox

Keep in mind that AmongTech is not responsible for bricking or causing any damage to your device. Special thanks to FireTVNews.