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How to root the Sony Smartwatch 3 in 9 easy steps

While Samsung, LG, Motorola and Apple just joined the Smartwatch war Sony had already launched its own Sony Smartwatch running Micrium and has now released the Sony Smartwatch 3 running Android Wear.  Thanks to XorZone it is now possible to root your Smartwatch 3. Keep in mind that by doing this you will void the warranty of your device

Root the sony smartwatch 3

How to root the Sony Smartwatch 3

  1.  Connect your device to your computer and unlock the bootloader. You can do this by follow the guide here
  2. Once done, make sure to install the Sony PC Companion app if you haven’t already (download it here)
  3. Download the SWR50-Rootboot.img here
  4. Reboot into bootloader by running this command: adb reboot bootloader
  5. run the following command: fastboot boot SWR50-rootboot.img
  6. Wait until the device boots back on
  7. You can verify if you have rooted your device correctly by using the following command:  adb shell
  8. Then run: su
  9. you should see root@tetra:/ #