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Gadget Cleaning 101

Gadgets are one of those things that we often use but usually forget about when it comes to making them dirt-free. The fact that we use our devices frequently calls for a need to clean regularly. Regular cleaning means preventing germ build-up and contributes in making sure that your electronics work at their best and remain functional. We know that simply blowing off dust from the monitor or rubbing the cellphone screen on your pants won’t do the trick. Make an effort to take extra care of the different gadgets in your home. From handheld devices to game consoles to coffee makers, here are important things to take note if you want to keep your beloved devices polished.

Unplug and disconnect
Before anything else, make sure that you have properly shut off and disconnected any power lines from your device before cleaning, for safety reasons and for easier maneuvering. Once you are done, leave them for about five minutes before plugging them back in, just to be sure.

Do not apply directly on the surface

No matter what you do, never apply directly on the surface of your gadgets or you might end up with broken screen pixels. Instead, spray it on a microfiber cleaning cloth first to lightly wipe LCD monitors, plasma or any screens. Wiping can take out smudges and clean stubborn spots. Avoid using paper-based materials like paper towel or toilet paper since they can only leave scratches. Remember to be gentle, resist the urge to press too hard.

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Don’t neglect the removable parts

Speaking of checking on edges and all corners, also see if there are any removable parts in your gadget. If so, take them out so you can carefully tackle the hidden areas. For instance, most ear buds have removable tops so you can clean them with mild soap and water, just make sure you dry them completely before putting them back.

Go beyond the visible surface
You have not thoroughly cleaned anything unless you have dealt with all its dark, almost inaccessible corners. Pay attention to tiny holes and crevices where dirt could accumulate. Double check on your TV remote’s buttons. Everyone in your family can hold the remote on a daily basis so make sure to disinfect it at least once a week. Turn over your keyboard and tap out any crumbs. Food morsels, especially wet ones, can lead to serious damage of your keyboard.

Use cleaning solutions and forced air
For a spotless finish, pre-moisten a microfiber cloth with a cleaning solution specifically designed for electronics.  For monitor and touch screens, you can also use plain water or a 50/50 mix distilled water and vinegar. Give the same tender loving care to your keyboard and mouse which you make skin contact with for a longer period of time. You can give them a quick wipe-down by using a swab of rubbing alcohol. To thoroughly clean a keyboard, use a can of forced air to remove any crumbs stuck between the keys. Forced air is also useful for printers.