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Benefits of a Cloud Based CRM

Maybe you are a business that has been using a legacy CRM system for a while now, or maybe you are just about to jump into this exciting technology. Either way, it looks clearly like well-designed and mature cloud-based CRM systems are the way to go for the forseeable future.This sounds like a bold claim, but the facts of the matter back it up handily:

Cloud Based CRMs Are Much Easier to Implement:

Installing an onsite CRM means bringing in lots of expensive hardware, including your own data center, installing and troubleshooting it. Going with a cloud-based solution requires minimal investment in hardware, and troubleshooting is much easier, if even there is a problem at all! Not to mention, it practically eliminates your worries about all that expe

Also, while there is going to be a learning curve with any new system, cloud-based systems are often much easier to teach to your employees. And the implementation takes much of the weight off of the shoulders of your own IT staff, since they can liaise with the company reps smoothly and easily.

Much Better Scalability and Upgradability:

Benefits of a Cloud Based CRM - 1

This is perhaps the most important point made in this article. Cloud-based systems in fact allow for instant scalability in both directions, and are customizable often within minutes. And of course, upgrades can be implemented as soon as they are available and seamlessly.

Better Portability Of Data:

The cloud can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere, and useful and important data like analytics is available with simply a click or two, automatically. The ease of being able to access this data on the road, or in conferences, is very powerful, as you might imagine. With the right cloud-based system, even your lowly telephone can access all the data you may ever need, whenever and wherever you need it. Try that one with an onsite system!

Better Security:

In this day and age, there would be almost no reason for even an onsite CRM system to not be on the internet. And unless for some reason you wanted to completely isolate it and lose all the benefits of being online, or you had the resources of the NSA and/or can hire the world’s best pentesters to protect you, a cloud-based entity is going to be able to offer you way better security than you could ever hope to implement yourself.