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How to Keep Your Business Systems Secure

One of the most worrying things for any business is the threat of data loss or a breach of their computer systems. Not only can it be disastrous for their production, but it can also affect their relationship with their customers. In fact, it is one of the biggest concerns for customers, especially how such breaches are handled by the company itself. If you are looking to improve your company’s security, then here are some ideas.

Know What Data is the Most Important

Despite what you might think, not all of your data is the same. Although it is all important to you as a company, some of it might be more important to others such as clients and customers. It is important that you look at all of your data and see what is the most sensitive and if you are dealing with it in the correct way. Most important of all is customer data, mainly because you don’t own this data and they have given you permission to keep it. Ensure that you are keeping this data encrypted and secure at all times. Any inkling of a problem needs to be dealt with straight away, so you are sure that any breach is contained quickly.

Manage Your Passwords Correctly

Your passwords are at the core of your company’s security. Not only can you be at risk of internal breaches, but you also leave yourself open to external hacking. That is why making sure your workers practice the correct password protocols is essential. They must not leave their password on their desk, and they must not divulge it to anyone else. One way that you can get everyone on board is to arrange a training session to teach them the correct protocols.

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Online Systems

Some companies use an online system like Azura instead of using office-based servers. However, you need to ensure that the security you are using is up to date and that you are adhering to the Azure Cloud Security best practices. That way, you can be safe in the knowledge that there is a secure layer between your data and the outside world. Your protocols for creating and using passwords for those using the cloud outside of the office will need to be established before they are at home or on business elsewhere.


When it comes to encrypting your data, there is some controversy about whether it is acceptable or not for business. It used to be that there was a degree of time needed to encrypt and unencrypt the data, which made businesses avoid it. However, with recent advances in technology, it is now quick and easy to encrypt data and so is becoming an attractive alternative. It is widely thought that data being transferred to and from the office network needs to be encrypted.

Deciding on the best course of action when it comes to the security of your data is important. You need to ensure that all of your data stays safe and secure and the above points should give you an idea in terms of where, and why, to start.