The biggest Bitcoin transaction yet $148M

We all have heard of Bitcoin and many of you know that there is a lot of money that can be made mining Bitcoins, but someone located in Germany just made the biggest Bitcoin transaction yet of 149.000 bitcoins. The value of 1 bitcoin has lately gone up and currently stands at 1BTC = $763 that means yes, the transaction had a total value of over $148 Million dollars. It is yet unclear who has made this Transaction and to who it has been made.

Bitcoins are accepted in more and more places as a currency and can even be used to pay for University, plane tickets and a ticket to space, yes even Virgin Galactic the first commercial space flight company owned by billionaire Sir Richard Branson accepts Bitcoin as a payment.

Bitcoins are transferred through a peer-to-peer system where the money is send to the users “wallet” and if the transaction has been made successfully it is verified through other users, as of now 12 users have confirmed this transaction. This transaction means a lot to the future of Bitcoin and the future of online currency.

Biggest bitcoin transaction

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  1. math much? surely you can see the issue with multiplying 149000 x 763 and getting 148 Million. see, 763 is around 3/4 of 1000. So 149->148 can’t be!

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