How to install MultiROM on the Galaxy S4

MultiROM is a great ROM that allows you to install multiple android custom ROM’s on one device and easily choose which one to boot in when turning your device on. The project was started by Oblikas but has recently been finished by AntaresOne, porting the ROM to the Galaxy S4 i9505

How to install MultiROM on the Galaxy S4

  1. Head over to the XDA post and download MultiROM, kernel and modified recovery here
  2. Disable the encryption on your Android device
  3. Flash the Multirom, kernel and recovery
  4. Boot the system into recovery by opening up the terminal and running the following command: adb reboot recovery
  5. Select the “fastboot” option on the screen and proceed to run the following command: sudo fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  6. Proceed to reboot your device using this command: sudo fastboot reboot 
  7. You can add a new ROM by going to recovery, select Advanced > MultiROM > Add ROM
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