How to fix MMS issues after upgrading to Android Kit Kat 4.4.4

Many users have reported that after upgrading to Android Kit Kat 4.4.4 they have started getting issues with receiving MMS (particularly users with Nexus 5 and have T-Mobile as carrier) which would cause their app to hang after trying to download an incoming media file. But a Redditor  that goes by the name of PollyPrissyPants has found a temporary workaround that should fix the issue till Android L  releases to the public later this year. Here is how to fix the MMS issue on 4.4.4: 

  1. Open up Settings > More… (Under Wireless & Networks) > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names
  2. Switch to T-mobile GPRS
  3. Change the APN protocol to IPv4
  4. Save and Reboot the device
  5. Once it is powered back on, proceed to change the MMS proxy to
  6. and the MMS port to 8080

Any questions or do you have another workaround? Let us know!

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