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How to fix iPhone 6 battery issues after iOS 8.1 upgrade

While iOS 8.1 mainly addressed bugs and included several new features but many users are reporting that the update had a very negative impact on their iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 6 battery life. According to Reddit user keithkman the stand by time of his device has decreased by over 50% after upgrading to iOS 8.1,

Ios 8.1 battery life

  • What is causing the battery issue after upgrading to iOS 8.1? Apple has confirmed to BGR that the issue causing the battery drain is because of had a lot of system programs crashing in the background, the constant crashing is causing a lot of activity in the memory of the device which is causing the battery to drain faster then usual.
  • How to fix iphone 6 battery issues after ios 8.1 : According to Apple, the only way to solve this is to Reset all settings (this won’t remove anything from your device, it will only re-configure the settings back to original) This can be done by opening the Settings app > General > Reset > Reset all settings

Keep in mind that once this has been done you will have to go back into the Settings app and put all the settings back to how you had configured them originally. For most users, this solution seems to work if it hasn’t for you, make sure to leave us a comment sharing your experience!