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Zeblaze Crystal Smart Bluetooth: Stylish and Sophisticated

I can say that I was honestly amazed upon first checking out the Zeblaze Crystal Smart Bluetooth Watch. Its casing is so thin, about the same thickness as a regular digital wristwatch’s, that I could scarcely believe that I was wearing a portable computer on my wrist. But it’s not called the Zeblaze Crystal Smartwatch for nothing.

The smartwatch is powered by the MTK2502 chip, which is specifically designed to host operating systems for wearables. The Zeblaze Crystal Smartwatch carries a user-friendly OS that is compatible with Apple iOS and Android devices (including the Samsung Galaxy S series). I liked that the OS was simple to navigate and easy to use.

The Bluetooth 4.0 equipped watch has a wide range of functions. It can alert you to calls and messages that are being received on your phone. I’ve found that to be a very handy feature. Sometimes I find it inconvenient to dig out my phone. Now, when I receive a message, I can quickly glance at my watch to see if it’s something important. Same with calls—and if the call is important, I can answer it directly using the watch itself.

Another handy feature of the watch is its heart rate monitor. The Zeblaze Crystal Smartwatch can provide a real-time indicator of one’s heart rate. That’s not the only health and fitness tool it offers. The watch includes a pedometer, a sleep monitor, and a sedentary alert function. If you want to get smart about staying fit, this watch may well prove to be an invaluable companion.

You can use the Zeblaze Crystal Smartwatch to remotely control your smartphone. I’ve used this function to snap a photo with the smartphone camera, and to activate its music player remotely. The smartwatch also plays music from Bluetooth compatible devices on its own wireless speaker.

The smartwatch’s design is understated and elegant. The casing was constructed using Bi-Color injection molding technology, allowing the curvature that makes it truly feel watchlike. It’s durable, shock resistant, and IP65 waterproof. A stylish watch and a stellar piece of technology.