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How to Fix Galaxy S6 Issues: Battery Life, Screen Rotation issues

The Galaxy S6 might be the best smartphone of 2015 it still has many issues. Since its launch, Galaxy S6 users have had to cope with a ton of small annoying problems that make the daily use of the device a little problem. Varying from Battery Life problems to Screen rotation issues. Bellow is a list of issus and how to Fix Galaxy S6 issues

Fix Galaxy S6 Issue: How to improve Battery Life

This seems to be an issue all modern smartphones are facing but specially the Galaxy S6 due to its small battery and high end processor. Several things can be done to improve the battery life, make sure to check out our full guide here. Here are some of the fixes mentioned in our in-depth article:

  • Disabling Bloatware
  • Installing Samsung Push
  • Disabling location services

Fix Galaxy S6 Issue: Fix Galaxy S6 Wifi

The Wifi issue seems to be mainly affecting the Wifi Speed, specially when using apps like Google Now responding with “Can’t reach Google at the moment.” while having a strong Wifi connection. The solution to the problem is simple, just “Forget” the Wifi network and re-connect to it. We also recommend switching your device off and then back on before rejoining the network.

Fix Galaxy S6 Screen Rotation issue

Galaxy S6 rotation issue

This is by far the most common Galaxy S6 issue, the device becomes stuck in portrait mode even when the auto-rotation setting is turned on. The issue appears to be associated with the device’s gyro and accelerometer sensors, which regulate orientation. If a handset is on its side, it is those sensors that allow an app to go into landscape mode.

You can check your device by dialing  *#0*# in the dialer app. Choose “Sensor”, your device is affected if the x-axis co-ordinate is stuck at -32768. The only solution to this issue is factory resetting your device.