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Galaxy S6 Tips and Tricks: Tips to Improve Battery Life

While the Galaxy S6 has improved in almost every way over its predecessor the Galaxy S5, the battery from last years flagship smartphone is better then the one in the Galaxy S6, 2800mAh vs. 2550mAh. This means that on the long run, Galaxy S6 users might run into some battery issues. We have put together a few Galaxy S6 tips and tricks that should help you make your battery life last longer.

Galaxy S6 Tips and Tricks – VoLTE (Voice over LTE)

A software bug in VoLTE causes the Voice over LTE feature to consume much more battery then it should and this is why we highly recommend you turn it off on your device when you are in a US region. The software feature can be disabled very simply from the Settings menu following the instructions mentioned bellow:

  • Settings > Wi-Fi > More > Smart network switch > Turn it to: Off

Galaxy S6 Tips and Tricks – Samsung Push

samsung push service

Samsung rolled out a small update that supposedly improves battery life. You simply have to download and install the official Samsung Push app from the Play Store here. The update reduces data usage and power consumption, with it saving battery life.

Galaxy S6 Tips and Tricks – Disabling Bloatware

The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are the first Samsung devices that are almost Bloatware free. Samsung has a history of pre-installing many different apps on its devices and while a recent change in this has drastically reduced the bloatware, there is still some. You can disable this bloatware by uninstalling unwanted apps from the Settings menu, you can do so by following the Galaxy S6 tips instructions bellow:

  • Settings > Applications > Application Manager > Hit Disable on unwanted apps

Galaxy S6 Tips and Tricks – Power Saving Mode

battery saving mode galaxy s6

While it seems fairly obvious, enabling powering saving mode could save you a ton of battery. The Galaxy S6 has 2 different types of saving mode, the normal saving mode and ultra saving mode. While one simply reduces brightness display, frame rate, vibration feedback and CPU speed with ultra saving mode your battery can last up to 24 hours with just 10% battery life.

You can enable battery saving mode and ultra battery saving mode by heading to the Settings app and navigating to “Battery”

Galaxy S6 Tips and Tricks – Location Services

When using an app that requires your location, the app is constantly making use of data and resources, consuming a lot of power and with it reducing your battery life by a significant amount. One of the apps that makes most use of it is Google Now, disabling Google Now will drastically improve your battery life.

You can disable app location services by heading over to Settings > Privacy and Safety > Location and then toggle the switch to off.