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How to download Facebook Paper app outside of the US

The new Facebook Paper app is now available to download from the app store, the downside is that the only people allowed to download have to live in the United States. So if you can’t wait to use the app and wait for an international release then you’re still able to get your hands on the app with this easy to follow guide which we have prepared for you.

What Paper does is takes the standard Facebook news feed and recreates it as an immersive, horizontally scrolling set of screens which features all these posts. The app will pull all the stories, photos, videos and links from your Facebook feed an display it in an elegant manner. The app is also very similar in design to news reader rivals, Flipboard and Google Currents, with Facebook hoping to capitalise on their success by launching their own version.

Each section has a main screen with a cover photo at the top, and a row of content along the bottom. Users can scroll left and right from the main screen through these slides to see new stories, photos, videos, and so on. Alternatively, with Paper, users can select a story to see it in full screen mode. The traditional Facebook notification bar is shown in the top right hand corner of the screen, including friend requests, messages and other notifications. When viewing individual stories the usual Facebook actions buttons are shown in the bottom left hand corner for example like, comment and share. Users can also post straight to Facebook from the Paper app which makes the original Facebook app kind of pointless. All of the sections are also customisable and users can change the cover photo, as well as the name of sections.

Now let’s get to the part all you restless people have been waiting for, here’s how to download Facebook’s new Paper app if you live out the United States:

  1. Open the App Store app and tap the ‘Featured’ button located in the bottom left hand corner
  2. Scroll to the bottom to your Apple ID and tap it, then press ‘View Apple ID’
  3. Once you’ve entered your password tap the option which says ‘Country or Region’
  4. Then scroll up to the top of the list and select ‘United States’
  5. Accept the Terms and Conditions and select ‘None’ when asked to enter your payment details
  6. Finally return to the app store and download the new Facebook Paper app for your iPhone