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For most people, a car is the second most important investment. They want to keep and protect their car from any form of disaster. An annual car insurance policy is one of the initial steps. The insurance policy gives you peace of mind and decreases the cost of owning the vehicle.

But, what if you have a friend who borrowed the car for a few days? You’ll worry that any claim on the vehicle might threaten the no claims discount (NCD). The one borrowing the car can also feel guilty for causing you to lose the NCD of the annual insurance cover.

Here, a short-term insurance policy will help. A short-term insurance policy provides a cheap, temporary comprehensive insurance for the second driver without affecting the annual car insurance policy of the car owner Here, the car and the driver are being protected having no threat on the NCD.

For a growing small business owner, this can help you cut cost and save money, without bearing the burden to pay more for insurance. A short-term insurance policy can range from an hour to a month. This is how the short-term car insurance policy is helping car owners.

It comes with instant purchase and certification

There is no waiting period for a short-term car insurance policy. After 15 minutes of booking, the service providers will give you the certificate. You can also make a booking a month in advance if you are planning to lend the car to another driver. This makes this insurance policy fast, simple and easy to buy.

It makes no amends to the annual car insurance policy

A short-term insurance policy has no effect on your initial annual covered policy. It stands alone and has no bearing on the car owner’s certificate. The insurance policy provides cover for the additional driver, should anything happen while driving the car.


There is no limit to the number of additional driver and vehicle

If you opt for a short-term car insurance policy, you don’t have to worry about the number of additional drivers. The policy is flexible enough to accept any new driver. A friend or relative using your car can apply for the short-term insurance coverage.

There is no limit to the number of cars

You can also use a short-term insurance policy to cover one car for a month. After you find the car you want to buy, you can then purchase the car without having to worry about signing up for annual insurance on the previous car. Just like health insurance, this vehicle insurance saves you from hefty and risky fees when the inevitable happens.

Easy update of Motor Insurance Database

Motor Insurance Database are crucial because they help officials know if the car you are driving has insurance over. Since short-term insurance can be active for an hour to a day, the insurance providers must update the Motor Insurance Database. So, there is no need to worry about anything.


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