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How Automation Can Make You Better at your Job

We live in a complex world made up of tall infrastructures, vehicles, machines, factories and computers. How did we reach this advanced civilization? Thanks to automation, this advancement of workforce has been made possible.

For those that are not familiar with the term, what does automation mean? It’s the use of technology and machines to perform processes with little to no help from the human workforce.

Does this mean that we should be scared and worried that machines and robots will replace us in our jobs? I don’t think so. On the contrary, the effective use of automation makes us more productive and efficient in our jobs.

Here’s how automation can help you make better at your jobs:

Effective storage of information

I remember before the invention of computer and technology, all files and data were stored in papers. Imagine the trouble of sitting on a pile of paper works in searching for one small information. You’d spent hours gathering and tracking all this needed information since everything was done manually.

Thanks to automation tools, storing and transferring of information has never been this easier. Since you’re using software to store your data, you’re secured that your information won’t be lost nor get affected by natural calamity such as fire or theft.

Instead of spending hours entering the data and information on a system, you can let the automation tool do its thing. You can focus on more important task such as thinking of strategies to improve the company better than do some trivial tasks.

Better customer experience

Customer satisfaction plays a huge role in the success of a company, and 75% of customers expect a consistent experience. It is important that from day 1, your customer feels valued and confident that you can deliver the service. Otherwise, they can easily shop around and switch to other competitors who offer the same service that you do but with much better customer service.

How does automation make your customer service better?

Say you need information on your new customer. Instead of calling him and disturb him from whatever he’s doing because you need to gather information, automation tool can do all the data-gathering for you. Your customer will just need to fill up the needed information on the automated link that you will send on his own convenient time.

Boosts the morale of your employees

What makes an employee happy? It’s when they feel valued and contribute to the development of the company. They’d feel that they are part of the company when they are part of the decision-making strategy and that their creativity and problem-solving skills are welcomed.

If you ask your employees what part of their job they hate the most, majority of them would answer sitting in front of their computer desk doing repetitive task such as entering data on the system.

Since automation is the one doing trivial tasks such as data gathering and entering, your employees can focus on more important tasks such as customer service and brainstorming. For example, by using sales tracking software, your sales department won’t waste time entering sales orders. Instead, they can spend more time making actual sales – the fun part about their job.

Better compliance with regulations

Running a business entails a lot of things, one of which is ensuring that you comply with laws and regulations set by the government. You don’t want to spend a lot of money paying for penalties or much worst, spend time in jail when you violate a certain regulation.

With the use of the right software, you’re making sure that all the aspects of your company are in standard with the regulation. It protects your security and alert you if there are any security breaches.

Create effective workflow

How Automation Can Make You Better at your Job - 1

Your workforce holds a critical role in your company – it can either make or break you. By integrating automation tools on your workforce, you create an efficient workflow process.

Because your employees don’t have to do everything, they can meet the deadlines more and submit works of better quality. Your company will perform better as a whole if each individual is performing at their best.


Automation can help you save money. First, since it contributes to the processes of your company, you’re reducing your labor costs. You don’t need to hire more people to do the job since automation is doing it for you.

Second, your company is more efficient when it comes to production. This equates to more revenues generated. When you get the job done in a lesser amount of time yet deliver quality performance, more customers and clients will use your service.

Faster Growth

Admin and trivial tasks though necessary, can sometimes take most of our time. We’re bound on our desk for hours doing these tasks when you should be out on the field, or collaborating with your team members.

Thanks to technology, you can leave this trivial task to automation and spend your energy on more important things such as problem-solving, experimentation or creative idea building. Use automation and your human workforce effectively to bring out the best in your company.