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The world of healthcare is vast. There’s a wide variety of professions that earn a significant percentage and support their households through the world of healthcare. These professions range from those of the people within the business sector to those taking care of patients, in addition to those will manage those care delivery workers.

I’m excited about the different changes taking place within the healthcare industry, and we’ll cover some of the improvements that may seem mundane but are very important, like appointment reminder calls, to those that are much more fascinating.

Let’s get into it.


You don’t like setting meetings with the dentist or doctors. Neither do I. The fact is that it is a significant hassle. You may not want to set appointments for a wide variety of reasons. They may range from not wanting to account for potential cost factors to not wishing to set it and forgetting it. The problem here is that whatever the case may be, it will be a cause for costs in some form or fashion. The first point is that the patient may miss out on preventative medicine. The second is that if the patient forgets to arrive for the appointment, the doctors lose out productivity and seeing another mental health patient as they’ve scheduled into their busy day. There’s many different solutions to this, and many technology providers are working on ways to find ways to nudge people into preventative care and then making sure they make their appointments with behavioral focus points.

See how one mundane component can bring about revenues, better care, and overall cost reduction overall if one pays attention to the little things in life?

Let’s move on.

Healthcare Benefit Management

Healthcare benefit management is critical, but the current picture is very disjointed. Most corporate employees find it to be a maze and stay away unless they need it. When they do need to find out more, then it becomes a tense situation and can escalate fast if they find significant hurdles in the process. Companies can improve their online presence by turning to new providers out there that are tackling these issues.

Firms backed by large scale investors learn that they can tackle a large market and aggregate real value by solving this problem. Again, this is a problem that many of us will not think about until we need it. There’s the social media plays, but then there’s dashboard, incremental, pipeline plays.

Remember, just like appointments, finding benefits is also a big deal. There’s a large value in the mundane. Some smart companies are focusing on solving these problems for the better.


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