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GoPro Hero 5 Release Date, Features, Price and Rumors

As the GoPro Hero 4 becomes the first action camera to be able to film in 4K the guys over at GoPro are already working hard on the new GoPro Hero 5. While the Hero 4 has some amazing features and can be considered the best action camera currently out there (because there are currently no other action cameras that can shoot 4K), there are many things that can be improved on specially now that competition has grown immensely and GoPro isn’t the only Action camera manufacturer out there anymore.

GoPro Hero 5 Price

The Price is one of the biggest factors. Currently the Hero 4 is about $400 which is incredibly expensive if you look at the competition, the new Sony action camera (which has very similar specs) and a better battery costs just $300, that is $100 less. For the Hero 5 to succeed, the company’s next flagship device will need to have a lower price to stay competitive.

GoPro Hero 5 Features

While we aren’t expecting the Hero 5 to have many new features, it will mainly improve on the ones it currently has. One of them is improving the depth of the waterproof casing which can currently go up to 40m under water, this is expected to be increased to 60m.

The Hero 4 also features Bluetooth 3.0 the new Hero 5 will have Bluetooth 4.0, this will also increase the overall battery life of the device. The 4K SuperView will also be improved, with better image quality and higher FPS.

GoPro Hero 5 battery life

This is one of the biggest changes of the Hero 5. GoPro hasn’t been known for having the best battery life, in fact, the battery life hasn’t improved much compared to previous devices. The new GoPro Hero 5 will have a much better battery life and will feature a 2100 mAh battery. 

It is yet unknown when we can expect the Hero 5 to hit the stores but if GoPro keeps its release schedule similar to previous years, expect it to release Q3 – Q4 2015.

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