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Google Search 4.2 APK Download and Changelog

Google has just released Google Search 4.2. The update didn’t come as a surprise as usually Google updates its Gapps on Wednesday, lets take a look at the changes made in the most recent update to Google Search 4.2 and the APK download link.

Google Search 4.2 Changelog and new features

4.2 doesn’t appear to be a big update as little changes have been made. As of now, this is what we have been able to find:

  • new location for the About screen in Settings
  • expanded stats on sports-related cards
  • Several mayor bugs fixed
  • Several improvements made to increase security

While 4.2 seems to be a fairly normal update containing just small improvements, Cody Thoombs  has reported that the amount of code has increased significantly since the previous version.

Google Search 4.2 APK Download

The .apk file bellow is for Google Search and will upgrade your previous app (which means you don’t have to previously delete it before installing the new .apk) which can be downloaded from here (32 bit) or here (64 bit)Here is the full filename: with MD5 7374af6af377fa8ad3e794e86ba9e8e8 keep in mind that it does require Android 4.1 or above