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Galaxy S6 Project Zero will be “unique and different”

After Samsung failed to impress the world with the Galaxy S5 it has gone back to the drawing board to design its new flagship device from scratch and make sure that the Galaxy S6 will make the impression the S5 was meant to make.

According to SamMobile, sources have confirmed that the codename of the Galaxy S6 is “Project Zero” making it the first device since the Galaxy S4 which has a different codename as it previously called its devices “Project” and then a letter: Project J (Galaxy S4), Project H (Galaxy Note 3), Project K (Galaxy S5) and Project T (Galaxy Note 4)

The device is still in its early stages of development and no specs can be confirmed at the moment. Galaxy S6 Project Zero is an indication that Samsung is really going to do its best to make the S6 a successful device, something it also desperately needs after reporting such disappointing quarterly earnings as profit dropped 60% Q3 2014.