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3 Best Apps for Facebook Messenger on Android

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular apps on both iOS and Android, with millions of users being forced to use the app after Facebook removed the chat feature from its main app. One of the great things about Facebook Messenger that other Instant Messaging apps don’t have are Apps.

Facebook Messenger lets you install apps to add new features to the app like voice changer to change your voice message voice, simple meme generator and many more. In this list we will check out 3 must have of the best apps for Facebook Messenger (on Android). First we are going to take a look at how to install apps on facebook messenger.

How to install apps Facebook Messenger

To install an app on Facebook messenger is very simple, even easier then installing an app on your smartphone. Follow the steps bellow carefully to learn how to:

  1. Open the Facebook Messenger app (which you can download from the Play Store) and any conversation
  2. then tap the three-dotted icon at the bottom right.
  3. A list of apps is shown
  4. Hit the “Install” button to install any.

If you are unsure about what apps to install, make sure to check out our list bellow.

List featuring the 3 Best Apps for Facebook Messenger

1. Stayfilm – Create collages with music, text and pictures of your friends.

Stayfilm facebook messenger app

Stayfilm allows you to create a collage with pictures of your friends, add amazing text, music and filters to create an impressive video in just a matter of seconds. You can send it to any friend by simply hitting the “Send” button.

You can download Stayfilm directly from the Facebook Messenger app or by navigating to the Play Store page here.

2. Ditty – Turn any text into a song

Ditty is one of the most amazing little Facebook messenger apps available. The app works very simple. Type some text and hit the “ditty” app icon, the app will allow you to select a tune of a song and it will automatically convert the text you wrote into lyrics which it will sing for you with the rhythm of the melody. Check out Ditty here

3. ClipDis

ClipDis facebook messenger app

You know how a lot of times you write something but there is a celebrity that can say it better and funnier than you? Well thats where ClipDis is for, lets say you want to write “I’ll be back” to your friend, wouldn’t it be more fun if Arnold Schwarzenegger would say it? You can check out ClipDis on the Play Store here