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Galaxy Tab S overheating is causing plastic back panel to deform

Smartphones overheating are very common and we have all had that moment where we pick up our smartphone and it feels incredibly hot. All though it happens less frequently with tablets, the Galaxy Tab S from Samsung has a huge overheating problem causing the plastic back panel (the same on used on the Galaxy S5) to completely deform, reports.

The Galaxy Tab S overheating problem seems to occur when the tablet is being used to play graphic demanding apps like games. Problems caused by how thin the device is (6.6mm) are causing trouble with heat dissipation.

Galaxy Tab S deformation

Samsung has confirmed to the Russian news site that it is aware of the issue and is currently looking into it at its research center but hasn’t given a solution to users experiencing this problem which occurred with the Exynos 5 Octa model. However, Samsung still continues to think that Plastic is a “better choice” of building material when it comes to mobile devices.

Galaxy Tab S deformation

If you own a Galaxy Tab S we highly recommend you stay away from graphic demanding apps like games while Samsung works out a solution to users that have this problem.